Looking To Buy All-New Cadillac XT6? Find The Right Dealership!

Cadillac vehicles and sedans have always been a testament of luxury. This is GM’s premier segment that focuses to compete with the best luxury car manufacturers, and they have succeeded in surviving the market for over a hundred years, with amazing models to its credit. Cadillac was initially focused on luxury sedans, although GM did an incredible job of focusing more on SUVs and crossovers, which are now the brand’s primary hits. If you are in California, buying your first Cadillac doesn’t have to be complicated, as there are some great dealers around. Auto dealerships like Putnam Cadillac can help you find the right model, no matter whether you want a preowned one or a new car.

In this post, we are discussing more on dealerships and a quick review of Cadillac XT6, which is the brand’s newest offering on the block.

Welcome the all-new XT6

XT6 is Cadillac’s upscale crossover, which was launched in Jan 2019. XT refers to the stand line of crossovers and SUVs from the brand, while CT refers to any model that is not an SUV. Cadillac introduced this amazing vehicle last year, which has two options -premium luxury and sport, and it is powered by the 310-hp V6 engine that was previously used for XT5. If you are considering BMW X5, you may want to think of XT6, which costs lesser. The reviews of XT6 have been fantastic so far, and it is likely to become one of brand’s winners.

Finding a Cadillac dealership

Not all Cadillac dealerships are same, and since you are spending a huge amount, it is prudent to do some initial homework. Many dealers deal in both new and preowned Cadillac cars, and you can expect to find the new XT6 on sale too. Preowned models are cheaper for sure, and the depreciation later is lower. Considering the hype around XT6, chances are high that you will still pay a premium. Nevertheless, the expertise of a dealership can change the experience of buying a Cadillac in the first place. When you want an older model, they can rely on network resources to find the same.

Final word

There’s no denying that Cadillac will make its share of money from the new XT6, but if you want to pay a tad less, XT5 is not a bad choice either. Check online for dealerships near you and find all relevant details before you get your car!

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