Keep These Factors in Mind Before Buying a Fridge

A refrigerator can make your life at home so much easier. But, as fridges are not made equal, you must pick the right one for you and your family. Picking a fridge is not as simple as getting a fridge that looks good and holds all your food. That is why you must get informed before you spend your hard-earned money.

Here are some important factors you must think about when buying a fridge:

The Kind of Ref you Need

Refrigerators are noticeable because of their size so you want one that looks good in your kitchen. Thus, before you shop for a fridge, know what your options are.

There are four basic fridge styles:

  • French door. This fridge has two doors that open outwards. Its freezer is at the bottom. A quality example of this fridge is the LFXS28566S. This model offers more than enough storage space and smart functions.
  • Side-by-side. This refrigerator also has two doors that open outwards. Its freezer and fridge are placed alongside each other.
  • Bottom freezer. As the name suggests, the freezer of this fridge is at the bottom.
  • Top freezer. This fridge has the freezer on top and the fridge at the bottom.

Each of these fridge types gets the job done; however, it is up to you to decide which one is the most beautiful and works with your lifestyle. Make sure to do your homework before you start shopping.

Special Restraints

Aside from considering where your refrigerator will live in your kitchen, you must also take into account other spatial restraints. These include the size of your doorway and what the doors of the fridge might bump into when opened.

Your Lifestyle

Are you alone in your house or married with kids? Are you suffering from a back issue or any other physical ailment? Your answers can influence the size and style of the fridge you must invest in. If you have a bigger family, consider buying a door-in-door model with three compartments in addition to a bottom-freezer to get as much storage space as possible. But, if you live alone, a traditional top-freezer model might be enough for you. If you find it difficult to bend your back, invest in a top-freeze or double-door style as it does not require as much bending.

Your Food Habits

Today’s refrigerators can come with features such as ice marker capability, freezer space, in-door compartments, produce drawers, and others. To make sure you end up with a wise choice, think about the kind of food you prefer to eat, how often you purchase them, and in what quantities. For instance, if you tend to consume plenty of frozen dinners, you want to maximise your freezer space.

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