Meaning Of 3 Different Flowers Used In A Condolence Wreath

Ever since the time of the Ancient Greeks, a condolence wreath is being used at funerals with the purpose of representing the circle of the eternal life wreath. The modern condolence wreath even contains short messages like that of ‘Remembered always’, ‘ Forever missed but never forgotten’, etc to honour the dead. Today, you can find many types of condolence wreaths in the market. They are one of the most beautiful and thoughtful ways of presenting your tribute to your loved ones who are no longer a part of the living world.

What type of flowers are used in a condolence wreath?

Peace Lily plant

The Peace Lily plant is an eternal symbol of Innocence. It remains fresh for days and is the perfect gift to somebody who is grieving the loss of a loved one. They are an important component of the condolence wreath.


White Roses symbolise spirituality and purity. Red Roses, on the other hand, are used for decorating the funeral caskets because they represent a picture of love and grief.


Orchids are used to symbolise the never-ending love for the deceased and it delivers a message of a kind of love that will stay forever even after the death of that person.

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