A short guide on diamond setting and its types

What Is Diamond?

Diamond is a solid form made of carbon that forms as carbon atoms under high pressure and temperature mixed to form crystals. You can use diamonds in many areas like gemstones, heat sinks, speaker domes, wear-resistant parts, and many more. Diamond is also known as a love-bearing crystal, and it is a symbol of faith, innocence, purity, and love. Diamonds are rare, and it is formed millions of years ago.

What Do You Mean By Diamond Setting?

Diamond setting, also known as a claw setting, refers to a single diamond held in place with four or six prongs. You can use it in classic engagement rings or single stone diamond rings. There are lots of settings that you can use to secure and set loose diamonds and gems.

Types Of Diamond Settings:

There are various types of diamond ring settings, such as:

  • Prong Diamond Settings: in this setting, two or more prong is wrapped around the crown of a stone to secure it in its place. It minimizes the mount/usage of metal used and allows light to pass through diamond or gemstone. This setting is also known as the claw setting and is the preferable one.
  • Shared Prong Settings: here, the prongs are wrapped around the crown of a stone to secure it in its place. This setting is nothing different from a standard prong setting, and the only difference is that many diamonds are made using the same prongs. It minimizes the presence of metal that allows light to pass through gemstones or diamonds.
  • Channel Settings: here the diamond or gemstones are secured between vertical metal walls, thus creating a smooth channel. In this setting, various diamonds are placed next to one another, and the stones are nestled side by side without any metal in between. Here this style with small black diamonds is very much famous for men’s.
  • Bar Channel Settings: here, you can secure diamonds in place between two vertical metal walls on each side of the diamond.
  • Pave Settings: here the word pave comes from the French word “paved’’. In this elegant setting type, gemstones or diamonds are close together using tiny beads and are placed low. Here the surface of the ring will appear to be entrusted with stones to get the best effect. This setting is very much famous in old fashioned couples, and it looks fantastic when combined with a princess cut diamond.
  • Bezel Settings: This setting can create the illusion of large stones, and it is secured by external factors. Here a metal grim surrounds a gemstone or diamond by the girdle to secure it in its place.


Diamond is a royalty for all and is used to make diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings , and many more ornaments. With its multiples design and uses, you can create the design of your choice. It has various settings that differ from each other and can make arrangements of your preference and styles. Choosing is not that easy, but the proper diamond setting can help you do so.

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