Thailand is a fantastic place to go on a tropical holiday, and it is also a central trading hub for polished gems and finished jewellery, it is also an excellent place to go shopping for wedding rings. There is a vast selection available from which you can choose, and many of the rings you will see are handmade by skilled artisans, so they are also of high quality. If you are looking to purchase wedding rings and will be going on holiday to Thailand soon, below are some tips to help you get the best deal possible and buy your perfect wedding ring.

Decide What You Want Before Going Shopping

You will find it much easier to purchase your ideal wedding ring if you know what you want before shopping. With the sheer amount of choice available, if you do not have a clear idea, you may find yourself unsure what type of wedding rings you want to buy. Whether you want a white gold wedding ring, or one made from platinum, do some research before you go and have an idea of what the perfect wedding ring looks like for you.

Shop Around For Your Wedding Rings

You will find high-quality jewellery stores throughout Thailand, although there is a significant concentration in Bangkok. No matter where you visit around Thailand, you will see plenty of jewellery stores making beautiful jewellery by hand. You can visit the stores and tell them what you are looking for to see if they have anything suitable. Depending on how long you will be in Thailand, you can also commission bespoke wedding rings to ensure the ones you get are perfect for you. However, there is also plenty of choice of off-the-shelf designs from which you can choose.

Do Not Forget To Haggle To Get A Bargain

You can haggle on the price of most things in Thailand, including when you purchase jewellery. You will want to tread carefully when negotiating the price and not start too low, and you should let the vendor make the first move when beginning the process. It is also worthwhile ensuring you have your passport with you as many companies are members of a scheme to offer VAT-free shopping to tourists. If they are not a member of this scheme, you can still claim the VAT back at the airport before leaving if you have a receipt and all the correct documentation. With a bit of haggling and VAT-free shopping, you can get the wedding rings of your dreams at an incredibly affordable price.