In the past, people used to send quotes and notes through envelopes. Now, there is a gifting method of buying a box envelope filled with flowers. You can find different envelope flower box products with variations in the following factors.

Use of flowers – The envelope flower box is nothing but what the name suggests. There will be an envelope filled with colorful flowers. You can find different flowers in these envelopes arranged beautifully. Mostly, you can find roses of different colors in these envelope boxes. Two-toned roses are popular. Yellow caspia could also be there.

Size of the envelope – Another difference in the envelope gift boxes is the size of the envelope cover. It ranges from a smaller size about fifteen inches to about thirty-five inches also. Depending on the envelope’s size, the number of flowers used will also vary.

Wordings – You can buy simple envelope boxes without wordings or you can buy the one with wordings also. Some companies offer you the option of writing whatever you want as a phrase to express your love to the person. Sometimes, you can choose from an existing phrase. Certain envelopes will come with specific phrases that you cannot change.